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A disciplined approach to managing enterprise wide meetings+events activities, processes, and supply-chain to achieve measurable business objectives aligned with corporate strategic goals/vision, data governance and privacy policies.
Enterprise class: GDPR compliant, Privacy by Design, Advertising-free, and Transparent for Superior Results.
Transforming Meeting + Event Strategic Sourcing
Dramatic savings by upgrading to Lenos Strategic Sourcing from an advertising subsidized network/marketplace solution provider.
Diversified Congolmerate with Five Independent Business Entities
Pharmaceutical Company
Cloud Software Provider
Customer Success:
Request & Approval Management
A Single Sign On (SSO) to your corporate Intranet for easy access by all company stakeholders. Create Request Forms based on unique program types and business units, from one form to as many as you want.
Set your Approval Management based on your unique corporate policies.
Workflow Automation & Collaboration
Enterprise wide management eliminates redundant manual processes and silos. Leverage shared resources for dramatic savings.
Strategic Sourcing
A complete, industry specific solution for venue and vendor sourcing.
Dynamic “Live” Negotiator Tool
What could be better than nurturing your relationships with live negotiations that are automatically tracked, saving you tons of time collating notes from follow up calls and emails.
Digitally Track Negotiations
  • Personalized – build on existing relationships
  • Digitally Track Negotiations
  • First & Final Bids automated reports
  • Automated Benchmarking & Savings
Better Outcomes
  • Save Time – eliminate collating emails/notes
  • Streamline and Efficient
  • Tracking & Accessibility
  • Central Repository – negotiations, documentation
Budget Management
Enterprise wide management eliminates redundant manual processes, offers version control and a central repository for all Budgets for enterprise spend management and transparency.

  • Self configurable templates
  • Multiple break out budgets for large conferences
  • Check-in, check-out and read-only controls
  • Export to Microsoft Excel, save to desktop, edit and resynch at any time.
Attendee Management
Nothing can be easier than selecting from a company designed templates, drag on a new image and change relevant text then save as new!
Data Management & Governance
Designed to support your global organization, 3rd party partners and various departments and operators.

  • Single Event Reports & Analytics
  • Cross Program Reports & Analytics
  • Account Spend Transparency
  • Ad-Hoc Reports Designer - Standard, Ad Hoc, and Custom Reporting
  • HCP Standard & Custom Reporting
  • Custom Dashboarding
  • Cash Management Reporting
  • Standard API Integration
Start your
GDPR Journey
On May 25th, 2018, data protection gets even more personal. Start your compliance today with Lenos Software.
The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) creates a unified data protection law framework across the EU.  The aim is to give EU citizens back control over their personal data. To achieve this goal, the EU is imposing strict data governance rules on the collection, hosting, management and ‘processing’ of PII data, anywhere in the world --- within and outside the EU.
Since 1999, Lenos Software practices Privacy by Design principles, a precursor to GDPR. With the run up to GDPR effective date, the Lenos Compliance Manager automates data management to assist in compliance. It is a “sister” product to our HCP Compliance Manager which was released in 2007.
A Website Builder for Event Pros. Developed Specifically for Meetings, Events, Conferences & Engagement Microsites!
A disciplined approach to managing enterprise-wide meetings, events, and conferences.
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